What is SPARK Phase II and III?

Through the allocation of federal funding through the Cares Act, the SPARK initiatives will continue to support economic recovery and public health efforts through a series of Phase II and III objectives.  While some of these funds will be automatically appropriated to certain entities, a large portion of these dollars will be competitive in nature, with limited funding and a Request For Proposal or similar application process through the State of Kansas or State of Kansas partners.

How is that relevant to Ellsworth County?

Phases II and III funding is meant to further augment or partner with previous efforts made at the county level, in order to completed needed projects to support public health, connectivity, remote learning, economic growth, etc.  The County's allocated Phase I funding was insufficient to meet the needs of this county, and therefore we are encouraging many organizations to consider making application to a Phase II or III funding initiative.

What are the SPARK Committee's plans?

While these initiatives remain fluid as the State continues to seek guidance and make decisions, the following information is what is currently available.

How Do I Apply for Round II or III?

Funding and process for Round II will not be at the local level, but rather with the State SPARK Committee and their partners.  Therefore, you can proactively prepare for your application by doing the following:

Stay informed of the designated dollars, programs, and timelines to meet deadlines

Prepare your program description, how it meets COVID19-related mitigation, and collect proposals, bids, and estimated timelines

Reach out for assistance where needed

Ellsworth County Economic Development will assist organizations and businesses where possible as contacted.  If Ellsworth County Economic Development is unable to assist due to manpower challenges, we will connect you with possible independent consultants to assist with project completion.

Resources and Information

8/26/20 Joint Committee Meeting

8/19/20 Joint Committee Meeting

8/12/20 Steering Committee Meeting

8/10/20 State Finance Council Meeting