What is SPARK?

Through the Federal CARES Act, each State was given funding to allocate to COVID response.  The State of Kansas implemented a SPARK team (Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas) in order to expend funds at a county level, with proper guidance and compliance protocol.  This is not a grant, but an allocation made to the county in order to expedite economic recovery.  Guidelines from the Federal CARES Act must be followed. 

How is EW County spending SPARK dollars?

There are two components of Phase I of SPARK funding.  The first portion is reimburseable expenses for government, healthcare, and school facilities for unbudgeted expenses related to COVID.  The second portion is for direct aid plans to enable our county to proactively prepare for an additional wave, secure public health, safely reopen, improve connectivity, and recover economically.  If you are a government-related entity that receives funding from the county with expenses during March 1-July 31 that were unbudgeted and related to COVID19, you may apply for reimbursement following the instructions below.  


The private sector (businesses) and non-profits will be provided the opportunity to apply for a grant through the allocation to Ellsworth County Economic Development.  This application will be available upon approval from the Office of Recovery at the State of Kansas.  Businesss or non-profits who would like to be notified when the application is available may send an email to Ellsworth County Economic Development to be notified.

Please read this document first



More Information on SPARK funds

June 26 Toolkit for Round I Funding

July 9 Finance & Reporting

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July 31 CARES Act Funding

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August 7 CARES Act Funding

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Direct Aid Ideas

follow Ellsworth County Economic Development's Facebook page for more ideas

What can the money be used for?

Public Health Emergency Reimbursements (unbudgeted)

COVID-related expenses for public hospitals or clinics

Testing and quarantine costs

Payroll of employees dedicated to COVID mitigation (unbudgeted)

Public telemedicine costs

Distance learning costs

Telework costs

Grants for businesses to reimburse business closures

Broadband access

Priorities:  healthcare, public health, education, remote work

Private sector and non-profit may contact Ellsworth County Economic Development for possible funding assistance

Spark FORCE Taskforce

Stacie Schmidt, Ellsworth County Economic Development

Sarah Goss, Contracted Administrative Assistant

Andrew Bair, ECMC
Dale Brungardt, USD 327
Greg Clark, USD 112
Tina Davis, ECMC
Keiranne Ehrlich, Ellsworth County Health Dept.

Keith Haberer, Emergency Preparedness
Patrick Hoffman, Attorney - City of Ellsworth, Holyrood, Kanopolis
Paul Kasper, County Attorney
Nathan King, Mosaic

Allison Koch, H & B Communications, City of Holyrood
Theresa Staudinger, Attorney - City of Wilson, Lorraine
Rusty Varnado, City of Ellsworth

Please direct all questions to:

Sarah Goss 785-472-8914 or Stacie Schmidt 785-810-8303