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The mission of NexGen Ellsworth County is to connect people in Ellsworth County, leading to retention, resources, recruitment, and building the county's next generation of business and community leaders.


To provide a variety of networking events and activities for the community of Ellsworth County.  

To build Ellsworth County as a premier place to live, work, and play.

To provide a venue for community members to gather, make connections, promote their assets and their employers, and to gather resources and information, leading to feeling connected to others in the county, thereby creating retention.

We're pretty excited about this fun event at the new High Jinks Rec Club!

Take a look at the state of the art equipment, venue space, recreational facilities, and have some fun with friends!  NexGen Ellsworth County is all about connecting people, and THIS is a great opportunity!  No RSVP required.

We are seeking thoughts and opinions for our next NexGen event.  What direction would you like us to go?  So far, we have hosted social networking, professional development, and a haunted ghost tour.  What would you like to attend?

we have a good time!

join us!