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Revolving Loan Funds

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**Note:  Gap funding only**

Traditional lending methods will need to be explored.

Facade Improvement Loans

No-interest loans for exterior improvements to existing businesses.

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Planning and Ideation

Business Planning

New and expanding business requires problem-solving and financial planning.  Resources are available to navigate the process.

Succession Planning

Is it time for to start planning your retirement?  Start planning NOW.


From market research to social media, marketing is a critical component of your business plan.

Growth and Development


Every business is different, and we can help you more by tailoring your needs to our resources.  

Grants for-profit


Grants are typically not available for "for-profit" business entities.  Here are a few funding opportunities:

ECED Low-Interest Revolving Loan

North Central Regional Business Finance Packages

Northwest Kansas Economic Innovations Center

USDA Rural Development Loan Guarantees

Rural Business Development Grants

Work Opportunity Tax Grants Program

NetWork Kansas E-Community

Additional funds or resources are available based on the identity of the project. 

It is vital to have a well-defined business and marketing plan, budget, and forecast.  There are also resources available to assist with this process.

Now offering resources through an E-Community partnership with NetWork Kansas. Learn more.

Grants not-for-profit


Here are a few funding opportunities:

North Central Regional Planning Commission

Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation

Dane Hansen Foundation

WeKan Crowd Funding


Kansas Community Investment Fund

Additional funds or resources are available based on the project.  Most foundations require a 501c3 status.  If you have not filed your non-profit status, please visit a tax preparer or attorney to discuss your options.

As with for-profit entities, a well-defined and fully thought out plan with make your project more viable.  Additionally, a match may be required.​