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Did you miss our Small Business Expo and Annual Meeting?  Click below to see the business spotlight videos we shared during the Expo.

In addition to the $240,000 already distributed through the CDBG CV grants, Ellsworth County Economic Development is awarding $167,000 in grants to businesses and non-profits for distress related to COVID through the SPARK funds awarded to the County.  Through this application process, we received 24 applicants, and a total request of $371,202.73.  Final decisions will be announced by later than

October 30, 2020.


We were HAPPY to honor our local businesses and had a lot of fun creating and producing this video, highlighting our local businesses who are HAPPY to get back to work and serve their customers.  Turn up your volume and WATCH!

Ellsworth County Economic Development's creation of Gene's Click List during the pandemic has gained a lot of media attention and has resulted in duplicated efforts across the state.  The online shopping mechanism was created to keep the grocery store's staff and the community safe by reducing the traffic in the store during COVID-19.  Here were a few media sources that highlighted Gene's Click List.

  • The Journal (by Kansas Leadership Center)

  • K-State Research & Extension

Yes, the new housing project is underway!  Ellsworth County will receive 14 new rental housing units with a possible rental date as early as November. More information:

3 bedroom, 2 bath

Income Qualified

Single family unit

2 available in Kanopolis, 12 available in Ellsworth

We are so excited to partner with K-State Research & Extension Midway District, Gene's Heartland Foods, and Ellsworth County Medical Center to bring affordable and healthy foods to the community, along with helping our local grocery store!  The program is simple: pre-order your basket for $15.00 plus tax, then pick up your basket on distribution day! 

Recipes are also provided!

As you consider your grocery shopping, be sure and order your Simply Produce basket!

Distributions are the third Friday of every month

Upcoming Events

Community Mental Health Discussion

October 29, 2020 |  12pm

The impacts of COVID19 on our community are real.  Let's talk about solutions together.

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