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Looking for information about how Ellsworth County is spending ARPA funds?


We love to share the successes of our small business owners, and we are proud to recently announce a $340,000 loan/grant for Wilson Foods in Wilson, Kansas.  

This is a story of beating the odds, and a story of how community partnerships can come together to solve the biggest challenges.

Stay tuned....the boom is not over!

Did you know that you can support the efforts of Ellsworth County Economic Development by becoming a member?  


We welcome membership dollars to support special projects in the community, such as business classes, developments, or current needs that don't fit into our operational budget.  
You can see our current list of investors here: or become a member here.

We appreciate the support of the business community through those investment dollars to continue to outreach services for YOU, our businesses, entrepreneurs, and to support community development efforts.

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