Ellsworth County Supports Business Recovery

ECED SPARK Open For Business Recovery Grants for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

In June 2020, Governor Kelly appointed the SPARK Taskforce to begin establishing funding opportunities to aid in responding to COVID19 and the impacts that this pandemic has had on our economy, families, healthcare, schools, and communities.  Round One was disbursed in July to all Kansas Counties based on population as well as economic and COVID19 impact.  More information on the county's use of SPARK Round I money can be found here.

Ellsworth County Economic Development has been allocated $167,000 in grant funding from the SPARK I funding disbursed to Ellsworth County for the purposes of business recovery.  Business and non-profit grants are up to $20,000 for Ellsworth County businesses and non-profits who meet the criteria and can demonstrate a loss of income or hardship due to COVID19.  Uses of the funds are designated by the Federal CARES Act and include the following:

COVID Related Signage

Cleaning Expenses

Personal Protective Equipment


Fixed Expenses

Inventory (up to 60 days worth)


Revenue Loss

Other legitimate bills made difficult due to COVID19

All required documents must be received in order for your application to be considered. 

Incomplete applications cannot be considered. 

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Business or non-profit must serve Ellsworth County

Businesses or non-profit must have less than 100 employees

Business or non-profit must have been started before January 1, 2020

Business or non-profit must have been negatively impacted by COVID19

Business or non-profit may not have delinquent property or sales tax

Eligible:  Food service, retail, wellness/grooming, repair service, hospitality, professional services, not-for-profit



Verify Eligibility



Read & Complete the application

Make sure you have the current live version, not the preview application.



Complete and sign the spreadsheet(s)

Reimbursements (March 1 - Sept 30)  Direct Aid  (October 1 - December 30, 2020)



Verify you have all required attachments

Documentation of all other federal funding sources.  A signed letter will be accepted.

Signed narrative letter documenting the impact of COVID19 and use of funds.

Signed W-9

Financial records

Signed spreadsheets

Signed payroll report

Receipts and proof of payment is NOT required at the time of application, but will be required for all recipients.



Turn in documents.

Grant Cycle Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prove revenue loss?

Revenues lost and not recouped due to event cancellations, business closures, or loss of sales, etc. due to COVID19 are eligible for the grant program.  Businesses/not for profits will have to provide 2018 and 2019 revenues and compare those to current revenues.  If an event will be cancelled in the fall/winter of 2020 due to COVID, those may also be eligible, but additional information will need to be provided to justify the loss.  New businesses are eligible as long as they were open by March 20, 2020, and can demonstrate using a business plan or financial plan expected revenue prior to March 1, 2020.

Is this first-come first-serve?

The grant application will open on Monday, September 21.

There is no benefit to getting your application in before anyone else, since there are NOT first come-first serve, but rather graded on a metrics of several factors.  However, your responsiveness will make it easier to process for our office with our limited staff.

Grant deadline:  October 15, 2020 by Noon

Grant award notifications:  By email on or before October 30, 2020 by 5pm

What documents will be required from awarded businesses?

Due to Federal Cares Act auditing requirements, businesses MUST be prepared to provide invoices and proof of payment for all submitted requests.  Proof of payment must be in the form of a cash receipt or a bank statement.  Credit card payments must be accompanied by a bank statement showing the credit card was paid.

Awarded businesses will also be required to obtain a DUNS Number and sign a Memorandum of Understanding by and between Ellsworth County Economic Development.

Are grant funds considered taxable income?

Please check with your attorney, accountant, or tax preparer.

Are grant recipients public record?

Yes,  These funds are available from federal dollars, so grant receipients are  public record.  Any supporting documentation provided by the business is NOT subject to open records and will be kept confidential.

More questions?

Here's how to get them answered:

Phone: 785-472-9204

(Text is okay, but pelase use the number 785-810-8303)

No Facebook messages, please

Email:  ewcountyeconomicdevelopment@gmail.com

Make Appointment:  114 1/2 N. Douglas Ave.