Grow Ellsworth County E-Community Partnership

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The Kansas E-Community Partnerships began in 2007 with just six communities and has grown to 64 communities in 2019. This program has loaned more than $18.9 million to Kansas businesses, and they have leveraged $88.1 million in additional capital (bank loans, owner down payments, resource partner loans, etc...).

Effective July 2019, Ellsworth County has joined this E-Community in order to provide additional tools in funding, training, and development for new and existing businesses in our county. The components of this partnership will include:

  • Local leadership teams

  • Local financial review board

  • Locally-controlled loan fund

  • Engaging with local loans (public and private)

  • Access to state network (over 500 partners)

  • Access to entrepreneurship programs

  • Marketing fund for special projects





Businesses are the backbone of a strong community. Keeping them local means more wealth stays in Ellsworth County and supports community development. Some goals of the E-Community will be:

  • Support start-ups and expansions for local entrepreneurs

  • Engage and/or develop entrepreneurial resources based on the needs of the community

  • Create a revolving loan fund that will match local loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Foster a community vision for entrepreneurship

Ellsworth County is excited to be one of only five communities across the state chosen for partnership this year. We are excited to have this resource in our county. Please contact Ellsworth County Economic Development for additional information on how to benefit from the E-Community partnership.

Grow Ellsworth County E-Community Funds

Gap funding for business start-up and expansion

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Board Certified


Funds are available for board certified programs to cultivate entrepreneurship activity and retention.

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grow ellsworth county e-community funds


Growing entrepreneurship and business expansion is an important tool for the economy, and we have partnered with Network Kansas to provide gap funding to break down some of the barriers to start-up financing.  These funds must be combined with public funds (i.e. traditional lending) to provide additional tools for real estate, equipment, inventory, and working capital.  Applications are reviewed on a first-come first-serve monthly basis.

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E-SPiration board certified professional development


destination boot camp

This 2 1/2 day training course in Longmont, CO is taught by Jon Schallert for businesses that would like to become a dominant "destination business" preferred by customers.  This course uses a 14-step strategy and features in-depth instruction and tactics about how to accomplish this goal.  Ellsworth County Economic Development will be sending interested businesses to this opportunity.  Contact us if you're interested in attending.




Ice House develops an entrepreneurial mindset and skills like critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and other key assets crucial for success in business and life.  

Contact Ellsworth County Economic Development if you're interested in attending this opportunity.





The YEC has become a favorite around the State, affording opportunities for youth to compete in a series of competitions to encourage and develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and help communities develop and encourage their youth.  Middle school and high school students explore and plan their business idea, and pitch the idea for a chance to win CASH.