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Help in the form of grant dollars is on the way

In a collaborative effort between community leaders and our partners at North Central Regional Planning Commission, the County of Ellsworth was granted a total of $347,000 in funds for businesses who suffered losses due to COVID-19.  Businesses in Ellsworth County interested in applying must meet the criteria and deadline applicable to their business' location within Ellsworth County.  There are 3 geographical applications - 

City of Ellsworth

City of Wilson

County of Ellsworth (i.e. Holyrood, Lorraine, Kanopolis)

Please click the box below based on your business' location.

Excludes businesses within the City of Ellsworth or City of Wilson


Application Deadline:

July 31, 2020


Business must be within the City of Ellsworth boundaries
Business must be within the City of Wilson boundaries

Application Deadline:

August 14, 2020



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my business eligible?

Any for profit business in existence as of March 1, 2020 that is retaining jobs and benefiting 51% or more low to moderate income families and not owned by an elected official of this city/county may be eligible to apply.
Business located within the City of Ellsworth:  CLICK HERE
Business located within the City of Wilson:  CLICK HERE
Business located in Ellsworth County excluding City of EW and City of Wilson:  CLICK HERE

Application Checklist

Please verify you have completed all requirements.  Incomplete applications cannot be considered for funding.

Will I receive the full request?

Not necessarily.  Applications will be scored using objective criteria included in your grant application.  Funding requests may be reduced in an effort to serve more businesses and due to funding limits.

Completed Application

Note:  Total number of LMI Certifications must equal the number of jobs retained on Page 1 of the application.
Do you have the correct Application?  The State of Kansas modified the application on 7/16/2020.

How soon will I know?

Businesses will be notified if they meet low to moderate income qualifications soon after application submissions.  Businesses who meet the low to moderate income criteria and can verify they are not duplicating funding mechanisms will then be considered for grant funds.  Grant committees will meet shortly after the grant deadlines, as we know that funds are critical to your business operations.

Employee Certification Report

Must be completed for all retained employees.
This information is confidential and not subject to open records.

Is my business information private?

Any PPI (Personally Identifiable Information)  information related to business and employees is excluded for public viewing. If there is a request to see documents, copy will need to be made, blacking out that info. A few things that are open record are name of business, amount of funds received and use of funds.

What is a DUNS number?

Current Payroll Report

Include last name, hours worked, rate of pay, pay period weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
Asterick current employees from date of application
Signed and dated by owner
Check with your accountant to see if they have access to your DUNS number.  If they do not or you do not have one, you can obtain a DUNS number within one business day. Click here for more information.

Can you assist with applications?

Our office will gladly answer questions for technical components and other criteria.  We cannot assist with the application process in order to remain an objective party to the process.  As business owners, no one knows your challenges better than you, so we are confident you will be able to provide the narrative which accurately depicts your business challenge.  Your accountant should be able to assist with payroll reports.


Signed and dated by business owner

Are home-based businesses eligible?

No.  Home based businesses such as Mary Kay are not eligible for these grant funds.

Have Ready:

Awarded businesses will be required to submit invoices, receipts, and proof of payment for requested reimbursements.  
There is no guarantee of funding, and request may be reduced due to availability of funds.

How does a sole proprietor calculate income?

Sole proprietors should use Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to calculate their income requirements to determine if they meet the low to moderate income requirement.
Special Note from Guidance Received 7/16/2020:  Sole proprietors may NOT request reimbursement for salary or payroll-related expense.  

Send in!

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Sending options:

  • Mail - Please mail to the address listed on the application.  Take careful consideration of when you mail your package, as the package must be received by the application deadline, NOT postmarked by the deadline.

  • Upload using the buttons above. (Upload, then submit)

  • Email: 

         County of Ellsworth or City of Ellsworth

         City of Wilson

  • Drop off:

          County of Ellsworth or City of Ellsworth:  114 1/2 N. Douglas Ave.

                   (by appointment only)

          City of Wilson:  2407 Avenue E

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