What are Rescue Funds?

The American Rescue Plan is delivering direct relief to the American people, rescuing the American economy, and starting to beat the virus. Counties were provided an allotment to spend locally, based on population.  Ellsworth County has currently received $1,185,242.00.

How is EW County spending Rescue dollars?

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The Ellsworth County Commissioners are seeking public input and requests for funds to strategically consider the needs of the County and best use of funds before creating a budget. 

Organizations or businesses who are interested in Rescue funds should do the following:

1)  Make formal request to Ellsworth County Commissioners

The commissioners meet every Monday morning at 9am at the County Courthouse. 

You can be placed on the agenda by calling 785-472-4161

2)  Complete the below "Request for Funding" and bring to commissioner meeting 

Public Input and Formal Request Timeline

Tranche #2:  September 2021-August 2022

Policies & Procedures

In accordance with federal guidance, the below policies and procedures have been drafted for Ellsworth County ARPA spending.  These policies were approved at the Ellsworth County Commission meeting of 9-7-21.

More information on Rescue funds

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Webinar 8/18/21

Webinar  7/14/21

Webinar  6/30/21