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A summary of all financial small business resources is available on our website www.ellsworthstrong.com.

Please visit that website for full details on resources, programs, stimulus packages, and upcoming events in reference to COVID-19.  

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Ellsworth County has identified the following targets as desirable additions to our communities.  We are poised to assist in providing new and expanding businesses, entrepreneurs, site selectors, and developers who are a fit for our community.  Please contact our Executive Director, Stacie Schmidt, for on-the-ground assistance in real estate, incentives, workforce questions, and logistics.  

Ellsworth County is an industry-friendly environment, 

with current industry in agriculture-related fields, salt, valves and regulators, and steel fabrication.  We are seeking more industry at or above our median income to grow our area!

Having affordable housing is vital to our workforce. 

Additional community needs:

  • In-home child care for infants

  • Community/Wellness Center

  • Hotel

Small business and franchises are welcomed and encouraged.  Leakage reports indicate the following needs:

  • Clothing

  • Furniture and Home Decor

  • Food and Entertainment

  • Car Wash

target industries



housing &

community development

retail &



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Ellsworth County

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Wednesday, April 8

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